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Personal Support

Enhancing Daily Living Activities with Compassionate Care

United Social Services is a compassionate provider of individualized support. We are passionately devoted to providing unparalleled support to individuals in their daily routines, safeguarding their holistic wellness, dignity, and autonomy.

Our personal support services encompass a broad range of essential tasks, such as personal hygiene, appearance, dressing, restroom use, and other everyday activities. We acknowledge that each person’s requirements are distinct, and our dedicated team is here to deliver customized care that fulfills those specific needs.

At United Social Services, we place great importance on fostering an environment where our clients feel appreciated and empowered. Our empathetic caregivers understand the significance of preserving independence, and they diligently strive to create a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.

What distinguishes our Personal Support service is our unwavering commitment to personalized assistance. We actively listen to our clients, devoting time to understanding their preferences and routines. This enables us to provide support that honors their uniqueness and fosters a sense of contentment.

personal support

Bathing, Grooming, and Dressing

Our experienced caregivers are skilled in providing personalized support with bathing, ensuring the utmost comfort and safety. We also offer assistance with grooming and dressing, helping individuals feel confident and their best.

Toileting and Personal Hygiene

Our empathetic staff understands the challenges individuals may face with toileting and personal hygiene. We provide discreet and respectful care, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable experience while preserving privacy and dignity.

Mobility Support

Maintaining mobility is crucial for independent living. Our caregivers are trained to offer expert assistance with walking, transfers, and the use of mobility aids, ensuring individuals can move around with confidence and ease.

Medication Management

We prioritize the well-being of our clients by offering reliable medication management services. Our caregivers provide timely reminders and support with medication administration, working closely with healthcare professionals to maintain accurate records and ensure individual safety.

Meal Preparation and Personal Support

We believe that good nutrition is essential for overall health. Our dedicated caregivers assist with meal preparation, taking into consideration dietary requirements and personal preferences. For those who require additional help, we provide feeding assistance, ensuring proper nutrition intake.

Companionship and Emotional Well-being

Our empathetic team not only prioritizes physical care but also recognizes the significance of emotional well-being.

We foster companionship by facilitating meaningful activities and fostering engaging conversations, ensuring comfort, companionship, and unwavering emotional support.

Flexible and Tailored Care

We understand that each person’s needs are distinct and subject to change. Hence, we offer adaptable services that can be customized to meet individual requirements.

Working closely with individuals and their families, our team designs personalized care plans that cater precisely to specific needs and preferences.

Within our caregiving team, you’ll discover an exceptional collective of individuals who possess extensive expertise and are fueled by an unwavering commitment to creating a meaningful difference in the lives of those they support. Through their extensive expertise and genuine empathy, they ensure that every client receives an unparalleled level of care and unwavering support, designed specifically to meet their distinctive needs.

At United Social Services our unwavering commitment revolves around empowering individuals through personalized and comprehensive support services. Our ultimate goal is to enhance independence, preserve and honor the inherent dignity of each individual, and enable them to lead deeply fulfilling lives, infused with compassion and understanding.

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