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Supporting Your Household Needs

Our comprehensive homemaker service aims to provide valuable support to individuals and families in managing their household responsibilities, encompassing cleaning, laundry, and meal preparation. Our utmost objective is to foster a hygienic and well-organized home environment that contributes to your overall health and happiness.

We understand the challenges faced in maintaining a perfect and structured home, particularly for those with limited mobility or health concerns. Our homemaker service is thoughtfully designed to extend the support and aid necessary for upholding a clean and salubrious living space.


What Includes in Our Homemaker Service?

Our homemaker service caters to a diverse range of individual requirements. Here are some key tasks we proficiently handle


Our skilled professionals possess the expertise to ensure your house shines with cleanliness and tidiness. From dusting and vacuuming to mopping and disinfection, we precisely focus to every aspect of cleaning, ensuring your home gives out a refreshing and inviting environment.



Say good bye to unwashed clothing mountains and the never-ending laundry cycle. Our homemaker service proficiently takes care of all your laundry needs, encompassing washing, drying, folding, and ironing. We guarantee your garments are flawlessly clean, fresh, and ready for wear.


Meal Preparation

Are you tired of spending extensive hours in the kitchen daily? Allow us to ease the burden. Our skilled cooks will exactly prepare mouthwatering and nutritious meals tailored to your dietary preferences. Enjoy home-cooked goodness without the hassle of grocery shopping and meal planning.

Household Organization

Our caregivers are skillful at assisting in organizing your home, ensuring it remains free from clutter and well-arranged.

Why Choose Us?

Our homemaker services are highly flexible and tailored to suit your specific needs. Whether you require support with cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, or household organization, we are dedicated to being your reliable and dependable ally. United Social Services remains firm in our commitment to delivering exceptional care to our valued clients.

Our homemaker services are precisely tailored to improve your overall health, well-being, and personal autonomy, all with the intention of creating a meaningful impact on the individuals we assist. For more detailed information about our homemaker services or need a consultation, please feel free to contact us.